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We started back in 1994, when Wes subleased a store in the West Melbourne Markets with only $500 to start his new business. Wes was passionate about mushrooms and being an ex-retailer he knew that there were gaps in the mushroom market and a demand for more variety.


Gramco currently operates in the Melbourne Markets, and supplies small supermarkets, independent retailers, and hospitality providores throughout Victoria with a complete range of Australia's best white and brown Agaricus, imported and locally grown exotic mushrooms and wild mushrooms.

Gramco and its industry partners deliver tasty specialty mushrooms to your table using a clean, natural process, combining agricultural waste, technical expertise and a little water. Exotic mushrooms are a delicious protein substitute and come with medicinal properties that tackle most of the rampaging first world diseases.

We are expanding vertically in collaboration with partner Jim Fuller to establish a new farm. The farm will grow morel mushrooms and some exotic fungi products, including a trial to grow a tropical mushroom which produces a vegetarian collagen. Watch this space.

We are excited to share with you how we are making the world healthier and cleaner with mushrooms.


16 Airlie Road Healesville VIC 3777

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