Material science and medicine

*The below showcases examples of innovations by organisations other than GRAMCO.

Myco leather

This new sustainable mushroom leather is changing the leather goods industry. Mycelium can be used to replicate leather in the right texture without wasting natural resources or harming animals.

Courtesy of MycoWorks


Myco coffee and cocoa

Cocoa beans and coffee beans can be treated in a liquid fermentation process using medicinal mushrooms reveared in the east. The process removes the bitterness of the beans enabling low sugar medicinal coffee and chocolate.

Probiotic medicinal powders and brews

In the near future we will see medicinal powder and brews specifically tailored various ailments and diseases. The probiotics such as kombucha help release the medicinal properties in the various mushroom mixes making them more biofriendly.


Building and insulation materials

Mushroom mycelium can be used to make bricks, insulation panels, and packaging materials. The finished products are waterproof, fire retardant, stronger than ceramic bricks and knit together without cement. Insulation panels are fire retardant and have acoustic properties. The packaging materials are fully compostable after use.


Health products

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years around the world for their medicinal healing properties. It reduces inflammation and aids the immune system with the ability to fight cancer.