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Morel farm sneak peak

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

It's coming along!

We are leasing approximately 60 acres on a farm in Healesville. The past history of the farm is strawberry production with the facilities being second to none. The property includes large sheds, insulated rooms and cooling rooms. The farm has a large 100 megalitre dam with reticulated water and irrigation systems across the entire property. 

Our process requires mixing and bagging our substrate into bags. The bags are sterilised, then inoculated and incubated before planting out in shade houses (outdoor production) or tubs in racks (indoor production). No chemicals are used or required. 

Correct watering procedures and environmental controls facilitate consistent morel production across the beds and in the tubs.

Products are made from agricultural waste materials blending scientific expertise with natural myceliated processes. At the end of the process we finish with compost. Making the production of mushrooms one of the world’s greenest food medicine and material science products.

This is a proven technology licensed from China's most successful morel production company. This company is collaborating with our project in Australia with Chinese technicians monitoring the progress. Our daily meetings with our them are always exciting.

We are calling out for supporters of this innovative project!

Support us on indiegogo from the link below.


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