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Mycelium grows exhibition space, soundscape and innovative ideas

The Growing Pavilion was built for Dutch Design Week with mushroom mycelium supported on a timber frame, by set designer and artist Pascal Leboucq in collaboration with Erik Klarenbeek's studio Krown Design. The entire structure is built from bio-based materials. Mycelium roots in the outer panels provided strength, covered with a coating made from the Inca people in Mexico. The floors are made from cattail – a type of reed – with interior and exterior benches made from agricultural waste. The mycelium panels are light, and are well-insulated in terms of temperature and sound. Each panel can be repaired or reused once the structure is taken down.

A project called Growing Music, by Musician Jacqueline Hamelink took place Each day. It was a live concert of music by JS Bach followed by the merging together of sounds played in the pavilion. Other bio-based products were displayed in the space, such as Manureality, a collection of furniture made from horse manure by Martijn Straatman, and Living Skin by Aniela Hoitink – clothes made from materials such as mycelium, kombucha and algae.

Leboucq believes that "If you want to make a change, you should make the information open source. People sit on it and try to protect the information, but if you work together it goes much faster." Fungi inspires us to be grow with versatility.

Image by Oscar Vinck

Image by Oscar Vinck

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