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Take care of your Shiitake Logs

Updated: May 19, 2020

Shiitake is becoming one of the most popular mushrooms for its health benefits and availability. But home-growing can be much more rewarding and cost efficient. Especially when we are spending more time at home.

Basic instructions for our GRAMCO Shiitake Logs:

(These are directions for GRAMCO Shiitake Logs made of bagged sawdust)

1. Remove all bagging from the log.

2. Place the log in a humid space with some air flow. We suggest placing them in a shallow container in a moisty bathroom.

3. Spray the log with water regularly. Keep the skin moist.

4. When the shiitake are ready, twist and pull the stems to harvest. (Do not cut)

5. Rest the log for 2 weeks indoors. (no spraying)

6. Soak the log in water overnight and repeat the process 2 or 3 times.

If treated properly, each log should produce about a 1kg!


Some more tips:

Light Shiitake mushrooms grow on trees in forests. 

Typically they would experience dappled light and moisture.

Light indoors doesn't matter but will make the caps darker.

We suggest you place it on a tray in a bathroom where humidity is relatively high.

You can grow the mushrooms outdoors in a leafy spot (like the forest), they will be beautiful but these mushrooms will grow slowly. 


When they stop fruiting, you can place the block in your garden in a shady spot to compost. You may still get some more mushrooms.

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