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Take care of your Shimeji Logs

Shimeji mushroom is highly nutritious with desirable taste and contains beta-glucans. It is proven to be a remedy for retarding and destroying growing tumours, and fighting diabetes, asthma and certain allergies by enhancing the immune system and boosting its healing capabilities. Enjoy seeing the different growing stages and ofcourse the flavour and benefits once picked and consumed!

Here are instructions of how to grow Shimeji from our GRAMCO Shimeji Logs:

1. Cut a 3-4cm cross shaped slit at the top of the bag.

2. Spray with water morning and night. (Spraying through the holes and the outer surfaces of the bag)

3. Twist and pull to harvest the mushrooms.

4. Rest the log for 2 weeks.

5. Repeat the process.

*Soak the log in water overnight to reset the log, when it starts to dry. You should be able to go for a few cycles before it drying out.

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