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U.N. Climate Scientists believes that global warming could be paused with $300 billion

We could stop greenhouse gas emissions from rising for 15 to 20 years — if we’re willing to spend $300 billion. That's equivalent to the world's military spending every 60 days. The sum is to be used to lock millions of tons of carbon back into the overlooked and over-exploited resource: the soil.

“We have lost the biological function of soils. We have got to reverse that,” said Barron J. Orr, lead scientist for the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. “If we do it, we are turning the land into the big part of the solution for climate change.”

The plan is to return that land to pasture, food crops or trees to convert carbon into biomass to stabilise carbon emissions for 15-20 years, giving the world time to adopt carbon neutral systems.

At a UN conference on desertification, 196 countries and the European Union agreed to a declaration that each country would adopt measures needed to restore unproductive land by 2030.

Read the plan in detail here:


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