Choosing our growers

"Most of the mushrooms in the major supermarkets are starving - they're hungry for food... it's sad. We don't sell those. We sell mushrooms that are tight, white and bright. They're heavy, they're dense and cook dry - they light up your tastebuds! "

- Wes Arnott

White Prince Mushrooms

White Prince is a family owned business with over 50 years' experience in mushroom production. The Tolsen family have focused on knowing everything about quality mushrooms and have developed technology in all aspects of mushroom growing. Click the logo to find out more about how they grow good mushrooms.

Fresh Fields Mushrooms

Fresh Field produces the best mushrooms money can buy with the support of the local community. They look after the environment the best they can, by feeding mushroom stalks to the cows, using recycle cardboard instead of shrink wrap and selling spent compost as garden waste.

“We care about what we grow, how we grow it, and everyone who is touched by our production and products.”

“It's hard work, but we love the challenge.”


Product Range

Common and Specialty Mushrooms



The agarigus is the common white mushroom most people are familiar with and can be white or brown.

White agarigus mushrooms should be tight white and bright - heavy and dense. Mushrooms like these have been grown with attention to shelf life and eating quality. They are healthy, dry and barely weep when cooked. They taste delicious! 

We sell the best brands in Melbourne, White Prince and Fresh Fields.



Versatile mushrooms known for improving human and environmental health. These fleshy mushrooms are easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medicinally supportive.


Baby King Oyster

Contain a rich depth of flavour in their firm, meaty flesh. They are best when cooked.


Snow Fungus

A white, nearly translucent, "trembling" fungus that fights infection, protects the liver and slows the aging process.



Give a buffet of sustenance and also content antioxidants. They grow together in groups of long stems with little buttons on top.



Noted for their crisp texture, mild flavor and nutty richness. They are a good source of protein and they also contain many of the B vitamins, potassium, zinc, and copper.



Has an unique flavour with rich nutrient content. Strengthens the bones, promote skin health, reduce inflammation, prevent premature aging, and boosting circulation.


King Oyster

Full of anti-oxidants that help prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes. Providing a decent source of protein, they’re also a good addition to a vegan or vegetarian diet.


Wood Ear

Also known as Black Fungus, they have a grayish brown color and rubbery texture. They are great for your liver and contain powerful anti-aging antioxidants.



Also called Pioppini, they have a brown cap, a long creamy stalk, and possesses a firm texture with a strong mushroom flavour.



Cordyceps are the most valuable mushrooms in Chinese traditional medicine. Australia has a similar Cordyceps mushroom; bigger, with similar chemical composition.


Around the world there is an increasing interest in dietary supplements and ‘Super foods.’ like Cordyceps. Western medicine has recognised the cancer fighting properties of the Chinese Cordyceps and it is under wider investigation for other therapeutic applications. 

You can mail order dried Australian cordyeps from GRAMCO.

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